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REJS consists of an international team, and coupled with our inclusive mindset, we create a great environment for sharing knowledge and ideas.




CEO & Founder

I started my career in a retail store, got to learn customer service and retail. From there, I went all the way back in the value chain to private label, purchasing, sourcing, pricing, merchandising, product development, quality assurance, and more. I have been working for different companies in various industries, but always in this field. It’s been a journey, 30+ years and continuing, of learning and building experience. I know that great sourcing solutions are fundamental to build a prosperous business.


Starting REJS, I wanted to create opportunities for clients and employees. We all take part in building a sustainable business and creating a promising future for all of us. To me, REJS is all about people. Sharing values and dreams and moving forward in collaboration that benefits us all. It’s about commitment, loyalty, and trust.


My leadership? Back in the days, I was fortunate to have Arne, my first boss and mentor. He was a great leader, encouraging, always very kind and generous. Sharing and exchanging insights and knowledge. He combined clear expectations with patience. He gave me space to grow and freedom to find my ways. In my leadership, I want to do the same. I want to give people the freedom to make mistakes, grow and learn. It's about having the drive to move forward together. It's a process, and success is built over time. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone develop and become successful. It's so inspiring and rewarding. At REJS you have a starting point, and from there you can go as far as you want, nothing will hold you back.




Country Manager, China

Sourcing, CSR, QC, Audits

At REJS we have a family atmosphere, we work together and help each other which gives us a sense of belonging and commitment. We have freedom to express our thoughts and ideas. As a leader I find it important to motivate and create a transparent atmosphere where people have freedom to express their thoughts and ideas, and are given opportunities to develop and grow. Have the chance to feel self fulfillment and personal achievements on a professional level. I feel self fulfillment knowing I'm part of building long-term value and a sustainable business. It's rewarding knowing that we are developing CSR, QC and Audits, it's critical and necessary for Supply Chains. Thinking of the future and our next generation is important. It's good for me, my team, for REJS, for our clients, our suppliers and for society.



Country Manager, Vietnam

I have experience working with sourcing and merchandising on different levels, but my specialty is production, processes and product monitoring. At REJS, we are all working towards one goal - which is to have the customer as the first priority. We look at different solutions from different offices for clients, and search for ways to do it better, together. Everyone wants to satisfy the client, and so teamwork in between offices becomes natural. The management is supportive, and even though I have lots of experience in this field, I feel that I have been able to grow and explore the limitlessness of my career with REJS. I will always try harder, I’m happy when I overcome obstacles, overcome myself and complete the target. It makes me grow. I'm confident in myself, and I’m confident in REJS.



Senior Graphic Designer

I started working at REJS five years ago. As a senior graphic designer, I work with the creative process of speed to market delivery. In my team, we work to ensure quality and speed of our creative services. I’ve always had a passion for photography and the creativity behind it, and I feel that I've been able to put that to good use here at Rejs. I don’t think I can find another company like REJS. Here, I’m entrusted with new challenges as well as given professional freedom and personal respect. For me, great leadership is integral to a holistic workspace. Leadership that excels in bringing forth the best in an individual and gives you the opportunity to be creative and try new things. I’ve always felt that good management leads to a great professional environment, and Rejs is a prime example of this.



Supply Chain Coordinator

I started working for REJS as a supply chain coordinator. My background is customer service. Customer Service is the ability to listen and understand your clients and together come up with solutions fast. At REJS everything is about Customer Experience. Our role is crucial to the quality and impact of that experience. Specifically, this refers to our way of showing up, our conduct, and especially our passion and energy. To me, family is the most important thing. At REJS, we are like a family. We move forward together. We grow the business and solve things together. We listen to each other and everyone can speak their mind. Our motto is “Leave no man behind” which speaks to me, because knowing that my team is there for me makes me feel really cared for. We are truly passionate about what we do and believe in what we offer, it will not only be seen, but felt as well

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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